Stirling Marathon 2017 . The Big Day Series Tip 21 The Day Before: Saturday May 20th

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14-Apr-2017 10:12 PM

Malcolm Hector

Malcolm Hector

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Stirling Marathon 2017 . The Big Day  Series

Tip 21 The Day Before: Saturday May 20th

Keep the Lid On day!  Some find this almost as challenging as the race itself. To start: a cautionary tale. The day before one London Marathon, a friend sent me a text. I had been passing on a few pearls of wisdom such as, “It is better to queue up half an hour before registration opens then get home and rest up, rather than queue two hours after it has started and tire your legs out”; stuff like that. His message  said, “ Sorry, Malcolm, we’re off sightseeing for the day on Saturday.” I didn’t respond. To his credit, the following day he did (eventually) manage to complete the course.

Back to business then….Saturday, May 20th. What on earth am I going to do all day? Simple. Your own thing in your own way that you have hopefully  planned in advance! Time to take full control to the point of selfishness. 

Here is what I do. 

Sleep in. No early morning swimming (for once - ha ha!) or social club running. 

Resist the temptation to do one more run to check all is well. It is.

I personally do a full race day flexibility and mobilisation warm-up which takes about 35 minutes and then do a 2/3 minute easy jog just to keep me ticking over. But I’m ancient and cold-blooded unlike you. So you can probably skip that. But keep moving: an active rest day works for me. Cutting the grass - perfect!

Check the weather forecast early in the day and again later: look at temperature, wind, sunshine and rainfall expected and make any kit adjustments or alterations to your logistics as appropriate. 

Eat and drink steadily but lightly throughout the day. Eat your modest (rehearsed) evening meal fairly early…avoid the blow-out pasta party at all costs. 

In the evening, do as much preparation as you can.  Check through your kit once again.  And lay it out ready for the morning. I apply all my micropore tape the night before and prepare all my feeds.

Get to bed early: you may not sleep much but the rest is important. If you have difficulty sleeping, you could always try reading through my Stirling Marathon Tips again! 

Finally, set your alarm allowing you ample time to get to the start in good time. You probably won’t need it but if you don’t, you will lay awake all night worrying that you will oversleep and miss all the fun. Fixing the start of the race day is well worth working out beforehand too to help race day go smoothly. On race day, you need to be on autopilot with minimal faff.

Next week  The Big Day….here at last.  Tip 22. From getting up to getting to the start

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