Stirling Marathon 2017 The Big Day Tip 23 The Start to Mile 5

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28-Apr-2017 09:57 PM

Malcolm Hector

Malcolm Hector

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Stirling Marathon 2017  The Big Day Tip 23  The Start to Mile 5

Congratulations. You have made it to the start line (assuming you have navigated the over-enthusiastic road closures). That is the hard bit done…now the fun, adventure and camaraderie begins. There will be few days in your life you will be able to recall like this one. As one competitor from the recent Mind over Marathon programme put it… “It was the worst thing I’ve ever done….it was the best thing I’ve ever done.”  Anyway, finally the waiting is over! 

On the start line, think not about 26 miles: focus only about Mile 1 and thereafter just live in the moment: the marathon has to be performed  (and savoured)  one mile at a time. 

The artillery piece  (or something)  will sound. An overwhelming sense of relief will instantly course through your body - but don’t let that prevent you from starting your watch as you cross the line!
As you roll, try and drop into the same effort rhythm you have done so often in training. Ignore everything around you in these early stages. Relax. The first mile will seem to take forever but this is a normal response to starting. (and is why most start too fast!). Check your watch at mile 1 and adjust your pace if required. Remember mile 2 is upwards so your pace will fall at the same effort rate. Allow for this. 

The first water station is at 3.5 miles. Take a drink there, if only a sip, to familiarise yourself with everything for later in the race and to maintain your hydration levels. If it is hot, take a proper drink. 

Your aim by Mile 5 is to be relaxed, comfortable and rhythmic but not fast….this is near the high point of the course so I am expecting to be about 1 minute and 15 seconds down on an even-paced schedule. 

So remember:

Start easy; stay relaxed; finish strong……the deeper into the race I can hold onto that mantra the better!

Start easy; stay relaxed; finish strong
Stay relaxed: finish strong
Finish strong….. :)

Next week 
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