Stirling Marathon 2017 The Big Day Tip 24 Mile 5 to 13.1 miles

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05-May-2017 10:01 PM

Malcolm Hector

Malcolm Hector

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 Stirling Marathon 2017  The Big Day Tip 24  Mile 5 to  Halfway

Keep steady and stay relaxed…groups and sociability yes but drop away  from groups going too fast or drop groups that are not going at your optimal pace. Listen to your body and act on the information it conveys rather than sticking to a time schedule. This is not a flat course and if the weather is poor, pre-planning may have to go out the window.

Use others to shelter into the wind. Avoid long stretches on your own. Ease up and down the field to find company. This part of the course contains several climbs and is where you need to be ruthlessly economical. 

Between the mass crowds expected at Doune and later at Dunblane, there may be little support  in the long uphill slog between them especially if the wind continues to blow in from the east. And then there is the climb up to the Keir roundabout out of Dunblane. From there, comes the section of the course that I am looking to the most…a lovely downhill run into Bridge of Allan passing the magic double figure mile point near the Allanwater Cafe and then enjoying continuous roadside support that should reach hysterical levels around the tough Uni loop to the halfway point just as we hit Airthrey Road. Can’t wait. Enjoy this part but keep a firm grip on your hydration, nutrition, relaxation and form. It’s easy to let things slip in the excitement and when you are feeling good. And that could cost you dear in the latter stages of the race.

Next week:  The Big Day Tip 25 13.1 miles to 26.2 and beyond.
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