Stirling Marathon 2017 . The Big Day Tip 26 You - the complete package.

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19-May-2017 03:36 PM

Malcolm Hector

Malcolm Hector

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Stirling Marathon 2017 . The Big Day Tip 26  You -  the complete package.

So here we are at last. Pre-Eve of the inaugural Stirling Marathon. In the end, it probably came round quicker than you thought, or maybe hoped, it would. Fear not, you are not alone. All of us probably wished we had prepared more or, differently: all of us, though, have done more than enough to get the job done. The only real antidote for our self-doubt is the sound of the starting gun. So let’s get there first. 

Sunday will be your day. You have worked long and hard for this. Leave everyone else to get on with their day and sort themselves out: your only concern is you (even if your spouse/partner/sprog  is running!). Focus on what you need to do and when you think you need to do it. Starting in control and staying  in control is the key to success on race day.

You will have a target in mind that you would be happy with. It might be a specific finishing time, an age-group or Stirling Triathlon Club position or a more basic objective such as to complete the course in however long it takes without hospitalisation! Whatever your goal is, the common thread we all share is that everybody will find it as difficult as you but therein lies the challenge. There is no easy way to run the marathon. There is nothing “only” or “just” about the race. It simultaneously  scares and intrigues and then captivates. If you can conquer the marathon, you will join that very select group of just 1% of the population that have. 

So let’s do this; let’s tame the tar-macadam. 

I hope you have been entertained on the journey through these tips. The aim was to make you aware of what you need to think about, illustrated with examples of what I myself do to find a way. It’s been about posing questions rather than giving answers. I have been mostly thinking about the novice when I have been putting them together but I hope others have found one or two things to have been of use. Writing them has been fun and has made re-think some of what I do too!

Have an enjoyable race. I have complete faith in you. I look forward to seeing you ALL on the finish line/STC refreshment tent. (I shan’t be difficult to spot.). I must admit, I will be mightily impressed with anyone who can complete the course and down a burger by 12:30 p.m!

Finally, to draw it all together for the final time here are….a dozen of…..

Malcolm’s  mightiest marathon megatips

1. Prepare everything you can on Saturday

2. Eat early that evening 

3.   Get a good night’s rest but don’t fret about sleep
4.   Allow plenty of time to get up, get ready and get to the start. This is a new event; things might       not go as smoothly as you would wish. Prepare for that.
5.  Do nothing new on race day. 
6.  Remember the mantra.  Start EASY-stay RELAXED-finish STRONG
7.  Focus on the first mile at the start
8.  Always take liquid at a feed station
9.  Expect the occasional bad patch…they will pass.
10. Show only respect for the marathon not fear.
11. You are ready. Believe in yourself. 
12. Do it your own way. 

 This is your day- you will never forget it. Enjoy it.

Malcolm Hector  :)

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