Stirling Marathon 2017 Tip 26.2 Postscript.

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22-May-2017 06:20 PM

Malcolm Hector

Malcolm Hector

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Stirling Marathon 2017  Tip 26.2  Postscript.

I hope your day went well and that  you managed to get the result to you were after.

If so, for some it will be a case of job done, move on.  

Others may feel such a buzz that they fancy another crack at it possibly at a different race or in a quicker time. Scotland is blessed with many beautiful marathons for you to choose from.

For those whose day did not go well, you can either walk away and say this is not for me or else you can do what I did when I had a disappointing day in my “return” race at Windermere last May. I came home, logged on and entered another race immediately. I knew I was a lot better than that result and I wasn’t going to let that training go to waste!

For all though, immediately after the race, you may feel surprisingly energetic and believe you could do the whole thing again the following weekend! However after a few days the mental high will pass and the real fatigue will set in. Expect this. 

You all need some serious rest - it will be at least six weeks, possibly longer, before you return to your pre-marathon form. Active rest that is. Swimming and biking, initially very very easy, can come to the fore, and running for a while can go to the rear of the queue. Like making perfect jam, for best results you need to bring everything slowly back up to the boil.

If it was your first marathon, the experience will have changed you. You will be a more confident person better equipped not only to tackle future athletic challenges, but whatever situations life will throw at you.

If the stars align, I hope to see some of you at another marathon some day. But not for a while.

Best wishes for the future.


P.S. You are now free to eat as much chocolate as you like with whoever you want!

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