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Junior aquathlon series - hints & tips

Friday, November 25, 2011

Is your child interested in taking part in the Youth Aquathlon series? 
Not sure where to start?

Here you can find some general information about the series and how your child can earn important points both for themselves and the club whilst having a ball!  


What is an aquathlon?
The aquathlons (swim-run events) are aimed at introducing children aged 8-16 to a multi-discipline activity, providing a great stepping stone into triathlon. There are a number of different age categories for youngsters to take part and your age category shall be determined as at 31 December in the current year.  

Race licence – what is it?
Before you sign your child up for their first event you may wish to get them a Race Licence (also known as membership of Triathlon Scotland).  It only costs £6 (2011 fee) for under 16yrs, and holders get benefits including:

  • Reduced entry fees to most events
  • Eligibility for your results to count towards your individual position in the Aquathlon rankings
  • Eligibility for your results to count towards the Youth Aquathlon club rankings
  • Eligibility to win national championships titles

Join Triathlon Scotland and see all the benefits of doing so on their web site  

How far do they swim/run?
The age categories are shown below (source: Triathlon Scotland).  Distances can vary a little depending on the venue.

    Category              Age           Swim        Run
    TriStars Start       8                50m         600m 
    TriStar 1             9-10           150m       1500m 
    TriStar 2             11-12         250m       2000m 
    TriStar 3             13-14         400m       3000m 
    Youth                 15-16         400m       3000m               

How are ranking points earned?
In 2011, any athlete who competed in four or more events in the series achieved a series ranking with overall positions decided using the competitor's best four events. Points are awarded equally across the series events, with 10 points for a win, nine for second down to one, awarded to every competitor. In the event of a tied position at the end of the series, the standing is shared.  Points are also awarded to the clubs ranking for the Aquathlon Series.  Important - to be eligible to win an overall ranking series award, participants must be a member of Triathlon Scotland, i.e. have a race licence.  

How to enter an event?
Many of the aquathlons are entered via entrycentral but a few are postal entries only.   Some entry forms ask for a swim time, so it’s a good idea to attend one of the club monthly time trials on a Saturday morning.
When filling in the entry form for an event, be sure to put the full club name down i.e. Stirling Triathlon Club.  This ensures that the points earned will go towards our club’s overall ranking and also highlights who will be taking part, so we can all cheer them on and the club can give them a “well done” on the website afterwards!  

Are there other events for children? Yes! 
Our own club organises a youth duathlon and a youth triathlon every year which are very exciting and successful events.  There are also others throughout the year, more information here.